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Menu Quiz - Answers

  1. B: The country fried steak and eggs have 464 calories
    a. Ham and cheddar omelet has 595 calories
    c. French toast with syrup and margarine has 1,000 calories
    d. Pancakes (3) with syrup and margarine have 650 calories

  2. D: Two carnitas tacos have 440 calories
    a. Veggie quesadilla has 1260 calories
    b. Ultimo chicken burrito has 880 calories
    c. Mahi mahi nachos have 2020 calories

  3. B: Two jelly donuts have 420 calories
    a. Sesame bagel with cream cheese has 570 calories
    c. Banana walnut muffins has 540 calories
    d. A medium (24 oz) strawberry banana smoothie has 550 calories

  4. E: The cappuccino has 150 calories even if made with whole milk
    a. Any Frappuccino blended coffee with whipped cream has 420 to 550 calories
    b. Any Frappuccino blended crème has 490 to 580 calories
    c. Chi tea latte has 290 calories
    d. Caramel macchiato has 310 calories

  5. C: A large chocolate shake has 1,160 calories
    a. Big Mac has 560 calories
    b. Two sausage mcgriddles have 840 calories
    d. Four hamburgers have 1,040 calories