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Public and Environmental Health Advisory Board (PEHAB)

The Public and Environmental Health Advisory Board (PEHAB) is an active 19-member community board that was created in 1986. PEHAB´s charge is to advise Contra Costa Health Services on health concerns of the community and to recommend strategies to address these issues. PEHAB is the direct link between the community, the Health Department, and the Board of Supervisors. It guides the Department in providing services that meet critical community needs. Members are appointments of the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors.

PEHAB's mission is to:

  • Identify emerging health concerns and recommend community-based interventions.
  • Focus public health interventions in the most vulnerable communities with the least access to resources.
  • Advocate for increased action on health disparities.
  • Provide a voice for environmental and social justice perspectives into the work of Health Services.

PEHAB´s current priorities are access to health care and environmental justice. Our current work has includes:

  • Community input on County's Climate Action Plan.
  • Successful advocacy for an Integrated Pest Management policy and coordinator for Contra Costa County.
  • Forum on Health in All Policies
  • Provided input and feedback to the County´s Environmental Justice Framework (PDF)
  • Advocated for a Menu Labeling resolution in support of a State measure.
  • Monitoring the Flare Minimization Plans adopted by the Bay Area Air Quality.Management District recommending increased community access and input.
  • Advocated for policies limiting secondhand smoke.

Photovoice project on homelessness.