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Be Smarter, Drink Water

Be Smarter, Drink Water is a collaborative campaign between Contra Costa Health Services (CCHS), the City of Richmond and the Building Blocks for Kids Collaborative (BBK) to improve access and acceptability to tap water in the Iron Triangle area of Richmond, CA.

The goal of Be Smarter, Drink Water Project is to:

  • Educate Richmond residents on the benefits of drinking tap water
  • Increase the access to free drinking water in Richmond public areas and schools
  • Implement policies that promote eating nutritious foods, drinking tap water and other healthy beverages in local organizations serving the Iron Triangle Area of Richmond.

To accomplish these goals, the coalition partners will

  • Map the availability of drinking water in schools, parks and community settings
  • Evaluate the quality of drinking water in Richmond
  • Conduct community, school site education and a social marketing campaign about the benefits of drinking tap water
  • Collaborate with community members to develop policies supporting healthy foods, drinks and water access in local schools and community organizations
  • Install at least five water "hydration stations" in schools, parks, and community centers.

Be Smarter, Drink Water Richmond Project is part of the Community Transformation Grants and partially funded by the California Endowment through the Public Health Institute. The evaluation measures for this project will include documenting the usage, the cost and logistics of installing water stations in a variety of settings.


Tanya Rovira, MS
Nutrition and Food Security Coordinator
Community Wellness and Prevention Program
Contra Costa Health Services