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Innovation Component

Mental Health Services Act (MHSA)


The Mental Health Services Act specifically identifies funding for innovative efforts. The Innovation Component allows Counties the opportunity to "try out" new approaches that can inform current and future mental health practices/approaches.

An Innovation effort contributes to learning in one or more of the following three ways:

  • Introduces new mental health practices/approaches including prevention and early intervention that have never been done before, or
  • Makes a change to an existing mental health practice/approach, including adaptation for a new setting or community, or
  • Represents a new application to the mental health system of a promising community-driven practice/approach or one that has been successful in non-mental health contexts or settings.

Innovation efforts must fall into one of the following four categories:

  • Increases access to underserved groups
  • Increases access to services
  • Increases quality of services, including better outcomes
  • Promotes interagency collaboration

Our Planning Process

The MHSA specifies that planning for all components are to be developed within communities through a process that is inclusive and representative. Planning is being undertaken by the Consolidated Planning Advisory Workgroup (CPAW) through its Innovation Workgroup (subcommittee of CPAW).

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