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Consolidated Planning Advisory Workgroup (CPAW)

Mental Health Services Act

The Consolidated Planning Advisory Workgroup (CPAW) replaces previous Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) stakeholder workgroups. The current workgroup participants include stakeholders from previous stakeholder Workgroups, including Adult, Children, Transition Age Youth, Older Adult, Prevention & Early Intervention [PEI 0-25, PEI 26+], Workforce Education & Training [WET], Capital Facilities, Information Technology. Previous stakeholder workgroups were comprised of mental health consumers, their family members, service providers, representatives from Education/Schools, Law Enforcement, Social Services, and others. New members have been added to broaden stakeholder representation to include some specific target populations, including LGBTQ, Native Americans, and others. Applications for participation in CPAW are being sought on an ongoing basis; interested parties are encouraged to apply.

The California Department of Mental Health (DMH) mandates that a Community Program Planning Process (CPP) serve as the basis for all MHSA Planning. To date, there have been multiple MHSA Stakeholder Workgroups in Contra Costa, as noted above. The next major planning phase for Contra Costa Mental Health's MHSA Program is to develop an integrated 3-year plan for all components of MHSA that updates the existing plans, improves their quality, and integrates them into a single planning cyce. CPAW serves to assist CCMH with integrated planning, as well as to increase the transparency of MHSA efforts, including streamlining MHSA community planning input and processes. CPAW will help plan future MHSA efforts and will advise the Mental Health Division on how to integrate MHSA principles and practices. This group gives members from the mental health community an opportunity to provide input for system growth and change.

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Consolidated Planning Advisory Workgroup
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