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Consultation and Assessment Team

Internship Opportunities

2425 Bisso Lane, Ste 200
Concord, CA 94520

Placement Openings

2-3 placements available for 2nd year PhD and PsyD Practicum trainees, interns, externs or post-docs. All students receive the same training experience.

  • Minimum 20 hours per week, Monday through Friday
  • Required: Friday required for staff meetings and supervision, Thursdays for group supervision, 3rd Wednesday of each month for county-wide training
  • Placement available September through June. Early start or late finish is possible if intern desires, as long as the contract is completed.
  • Requires completion of assessment classes and some experience working with significantly disturbed children & adolescents.
  • CAPIC approved program.

Program Description

The Consultation and Assessment Team Conducts psychological evaluations on children who have been removed from the home due to severe abuse and/or neglect as well as psychological evaluations of parents who have had their children removed. Consultation with social workers and the gathering of extensive collateral information is also necessary. Interns/trainees write detailed written reports, which go to the court addressing treatment recommendations, risk assessment and reunification planning.

To Apply

CAPIC Applicants: Apply through the CAPIC matching process via CAPIC website.

All others: Send cover letter, resume and 3 letters of reference no later than CAPIC/BAPIC deadlines if applicable or otherwise by 3/1/14 to:
Steven Cloutier, PhD
Consultation and Assessment Team
2425 Bisso Lane, Ste 235
Concord, CA 94520