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Concord: Ash/Debris Cleanup Advisory

Last updated: April 24, 2018, 9:41 am

The large structure fire in Concord consisted primarily of construction materials (predominately wood). Residents should avoid direct contact and inhalation of ash/debris that was produced by the fire. Residents may use a mild soap and water to clean up ash/debris. To minimize dust generation, residents should consider lightly dampening ash/debris prior to commencing sweeping activities. Swept up ash/debris may be placed in a standard household trash receptacle. Any towels or cleaning materials should be rinsed in a sink that drains to a sanitation sewer. Residents should avoid washing or sweeping ash/debris into storm drains, as this will result in pollution accumulating in nearby creeks and rivers.

Patients and Families as Partners

We are dedicated to offering health care services that are welcoming, accessible, safe and respectful for everyone. To accomplish this goal, we have engaged patients, families and community representatives and leaders as active partners to ensure that their voices are heard and included in every area of hospital operations. These innovative partnerships are of tremendous help in our efforts to expand access to timely and appropriate care, enhance quality of care, and improve communication between medical staff. Patients, family and community partners are actively represented on the Behavioral Healthcare Partnership, Hospital Operations Team, Patient Experience Partnership Council and Spiritual Care Partnership Council, as well as a variety of other quality improvement workgroups. Read about some of our patient and family member partners' stories (PDF).

For more information, contact Lynnette Watts, Patient and Family Advisory Council Coordinator, 925-370-5403 or

Video: Patients and Families as Partners

Contra Costa Regional Medical Center (CCRMC) and Health Centers CEO Anna Roth, CCRMC staff, patients and family members share their views on why partnering with patients is critical to improvement efforts.

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