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Health Advisory Lifted for Pittsburg and Antioch

Last updated: 5:39 a.m. Friday, March 27, 2015

The health advisory for Pittsburg and Antioch has been lifted. The advisory was issued for people with respiratory sensitivities this morning after a chemical release at Dow Chemical in Pittsburg. Contra Costa HazMat staff are investigating the incident. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Discounts and Charity Care

Contra Costa Health Services has instituted a Charity Care Program and a Discount Payment Program to enable qualifying uninsured and underinsured individuals to obtain free or discounted medical care.

Who Is Eligible for Charity Care?

  • Residents of Contra Costa who:
    • have income that does not exceed 150% of the federal income guidelines.
    • have assets with values no greater than $2,000 per individual or $3,000 per family, excluding retirement accounts.
    • have real property with values not exceeding $6,000.
    • are not eligible for Medi-Cal or Healthy Families.
    • are not members of HMO or PPO health insurance plans.
    • Citizenship or legal residency is not required.
    • No cost to eligible persons.

Who Is Eligible for Discounts?

  • Eligible individuals do not have to be residents of Contra Costa.
  • Individuals whose income does not exceed 350% of the federal income guidelines.
  • Individuals must be uninsured or underinsured to the extent they have out of pocket medical expenses in the prior 12 months that exceed 10% of the family income.
  • Assets and real property excluded from eligibility determination.
  • Citizenship or legal residency is not required.
  • Eligible individuals receive a 35% discount on their medical bills.

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