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Access for Infants & Mothers (AIM)

AIM is a state program that provides health insurance for middle-income pregnant women. If you qualify for AIM, your baby is automatically eligible for enrollment in Healthy Families for the first year after birth. For your baby to remain on Healthy Families past the first year, your family must meet the Healthy Families income guidelines, which are lower than those of the AIM Program.

Who Is Eligible?

Women who:

  • are not more than 30 weeks pregnant at application date
  • California Resident
  • do not have no-cost Medi-Cal or Medicare
  • do not have insurance coverage for pregnancy or have deductibles/ co-payments for maternity over $500
  • have monthly household income within guidelines of the program

How Much Does It Cost?

Pregnancy and first 60 days after pregnancy has ended: 1.5% of adjusted household income after income deductions.

How Can I Apply?

For information and application assistance in Contra Costa, call toll-free 1-800-211-8040 or visit the State of California AIM Program website.