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Health Promoting Policy Work

How can you eat healthy food, if it's not for sale in your neighborhood?

How can you get daily exercise by walking if there are no sidewalks or if the streets aren't safe?

How can you ride a bike if there's no safe place to ride or no secure places to lock it up?

CCHS's Injury Prevention and Physical Activity Promotion Program works to create neighborhoods that make it possible and easy to be healthy. We began this type of work with the publication of our position paper, "Planning Communities: What Health Has to Do with It" in 2007. The paper describes the way in which cities and towns (also called the built environment) are built affects the health of the residents who live there. It also puts forth the role that health departments have in creating a healthier built environment.

We've worked with cities on developing health-promoting language in their General Plans, provided feedback for planning processes, and assessed the health consequences of policy initiatives (through health impact assessment) to make sure they support wellbeing.

Below are some links to some of our projects:

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