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Community Education

City planning often takes place in a technical language that it is inaccessible to most people, making it difficult for communities to shape their own neighborhoods. The workshops curricula are designed to ensure that those most impacted by health inequities and those with the least political power — especially low-income communities, communities of color and immigrant communities — are supported in their efforts to build healthy neighborhoods. We work to give residents the tools they need to navigate a jargon-heavy world with many complex systems.

We've developed workshops to educate and empower residents to make their neighborhoods healthier. We have led workshops topics ranging from walk audits (surveying a walking route and systematically noting what can be improved), to how to safely ride bicycles, to demystifying how regional transportation planning and funding decisions are made. If you are a group in Contra Costa County that's interested in learning more about the intersections between the built environment and health please contact Will Dominie (