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School & Childcare Requirements for Immunizations

California law requires all children enrolled in state schools, both public and private, to have specified immunizations, or receive them when they enroll.

Parents may exempt their children from one or more of the school-required immunizations, if vaccination is contrary to their personal beliefs, by submitting a completed form prior to admission into child care, kindergarten, 7th grade, or when transferring to a California school from out of state.

To complete the form, parents are required to discuss the risks and benefits of immunizations and the diseases they prevent with a healthcare practitioner.

To prevent disease outbreaks in a community, at least 90% of its population must be immunized, depending on the disease. Several child care centers, preschools and kindergarten classes in Contra Costa County fell short of 90% during 2013-14, because parents of 10% or more of their students used PBEs to opt out of immunization requirements.

When parents choose not to vaccinate, they put their children at risk of severe, vaccine preventable diseases – and the entire community, as well.

Click here for data that show immunization levels at most schools and daycares in Contra Costa County.

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