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School Immunization Levels in Contra Costa County

To prevent disease outbreaks in a community, at least 90% of its population must be immunized ("community immunity"), depending on the disease. When parents choose not to vaccinate, they put their children, and our community, at greater risk of severe, vaccine preventable diseases.

The searchable maps below show the location of every licensed preschool and child care center in Contra Costa County with 15 or more students, and every grade school that enrolls 15 or more kindergarteners. Each school is color coded according to the percentage of enrolled students in 2013-14 that lack one or more required immunizations because their families filed Personal Belief Exemptions (PBEs). The countywide PBE level is less than 3% but some schools have much higher levels.

  • Red dots represent campuses where more than 10% of students have PBEs.
  • Yellow dots represent campuses where 3% to 9.9% of students have PBEs.
  • Green dots represent campuses where 0% to 2.9% of students have PBEs.

Search Licensed Child Care Facilities in Contra Costa

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*Schools without kindergarten classes are not shown on this map.

For detailed school immunization levels by vaccine in Contra Costa and elsewhere in California, please visit the Shots for School website.