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Breaking News

Flaring at Chevron in Richmond

Last updated: 10 p.m. Thursday, December 18, 2014

The flaring has currently stopped at Chevron in Richmond but there may be intermittent flaring this evening. Flaring is a controlled burn off of gas. Our Hazardous Materials staff assessed the situation and determined a shelter-in-place was not needed.

Homeless Adult Services

Homeless Adult Services

The Contra Costa Adult Continuum of Services is dedicated to providing homeless adults with food, safe shelter, and referrals to needed support services as well as being a stepping stone toward self-sufficiency. We believe all individuals deserve the essential necessities of life.

Our Programs

Emergency Shelters for Adults
There are two emergency shelters which operate in the unincorporated areas of Richmond and Concord. Both run 24 hours a day and offer meals, laundry facilities, telephone, mail, advocacy, and case management.
Philip Dorn Respite Center
The Philip Dorn Respite Center is for individuals who have been discharged from a medical care facility but are too sick or medically vulnerable to reside in an emergency shelter and are without other shelter resources.