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Community Homeless Court

Homeless Court is an alternative to the traditional criminal justice court system. The Homeless Court program is focused on helping individuals with a history of homelessness clear fines for infractions. Clients are rewarded retroactively for the work they have already done toward clearing the fines on their tickets. Court sessions are held at the Concord Adult Homeless Shelter.

Honorable Judge Steve Austin


  • Clients must be currently homeless or have tickets that originated during the time of their homelessness.
  • Clients must have completed at least 90 days of continuous, satisfactory participation in a treatment or self-help program. This may include case management at a shelter, participation in a substance abuse program, or other mental health, vocational, or life skills programs.
  • Clients must be referred to Homeless Court by a case manager from said treatment or self-help program.
  • If the client appeared in Homeless Court in another county, but still has tickets in Contra Costa, he/she may request the court make an inter-county referral so that their case can be heard in Contra Costa.
  • For more information, please see Frequently Asked Questions

**Only program case managers may submit applications.

  • Case managers must screen applicants for eligibility and refer only those they feel are appropriate for Homeless Court.
  • Complete a Homeless Court application and email it to:
  • Write a Letter of Advocacy, on agency letterhead, which confirms that their client has been receiving services and has been in full compliance with their program for at least ninety days, and is ready for the next step toward self-sufficiency.

Additional Information:


Contra Costa Behavioral Health Homeless Program

Jaime Jenett, Homeless Court Coordinator
Homeless Program 925-313-7700