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Unannounced Inspection Program

Contra Costa County's Board of Supervisors requires Contra Costa Health Services to perform unannounced inspections for the facilities that are subject to the Federal Risk Management Program. The unannounced inspections are conducted by Hazardous Material Specialists, Accidental Release Prevention Program Engineers, and in some case a Trades Union representative. The Unannounced Inspection Program includes all the requirements of the Hazardous Material Programs with a special emphasis on safe work practices. The facilities subject to unannounced inspections are:

Air Liquide - Rodeo Hydrogen Plant
Air Products at - Shell Refinery
Air Products at - Tesoro Refinery
Antioch Water Treatment Plant
Calpine Delta Energy Center
Calpine Los Medanos Energy Center
Chevron Richmond Refinery
ConocoPhillips Rodeo Refinery
Criterion Catalysts
Dow Chemical
Dreisbach Enterprises
General Chemical West, Bay Point Works
General Chemical West, Richmond Works
HASA, Incorporated
Mirant Contra Costa Power Plant
Mirant Pittsburg Power Plant
Pittsburg Water Treatment Plant
Randall Bold Water Treatment Plant
Rhodia Inc.
Shell Chemical
Shell Oil Products U.S. Martinez Refinery
Tesoro Golden Eagle Refinery
USS-POSCO Industries