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Health Advisory Lifted for Pittsburg and Antioch

Last updated: 5:39 a.m. Friday, March 27, 2015

The health advisory for Pittsburg and Antioch has been lifted. The advisory was issued for people with respiratory sensitivities this morning after a chemical release at Dow Chemical in Pittsburg. Contra Costa HazMat staff are investigating the incident. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Industrial Safety Ordinance Guidance Document

Table of Contents (PDF)
Introduction (PDF)
Section A: Risk Management Program Elements (PDF)
Section B: Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF)
Section B: Chapter 2 - Human Factors And Human Error (PDF)
Section B: Chapter 3 - Evaluation And Minimization Of Latent Conditions (PDF)
Section B: Chapter 4 - Process Hazard Analysis (PDF)
Section B: Chapter 5 - Incident Investigation (PDF)
Section B: Chapter 6 - Operating Procedures (PDF)
Section B: Chapter 7 - Management of Change for Organizational Changes (PDF)
Section B: Chapter 8 - Employee Participation (PDF)
Section B: Chapter 9 - Training (PDF)
Section B: References (PDF)
Section C: Root Cause Analysis and Incident Investigation (PDF)
Section D: Process Hazard Analysis/Action Items (PDF)
Section E: Safety Plan (PDF)
Section F: Safety Culture Guidance document (PDF)
Attachment A: Latent Conditions (PDF)
Attachment B: Sample Worksheets From CMA's Management of Safety and Health During Organizational Change (PDF)
Attachment C: Inherently Safer Systems Checklist (PDF)
Attachment D: Inherently Safer Systems Matrix (PDF)
Attachment E: Safety Culture Assessment (PDF)