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Personnel Uses Training and Recognition to Help Reduce Health Disparities

Left to right; Dorette McCollumn, Shelley Pighin and Frances Trant.

Our Personnel Services Division has developed its own harassment prevention training for employees and is using Service Excellence awards to recognize staff as part of its efforts to help reduce health disparities.

Personnel Director Shelley Pighin said the role of the Personnel Division is to assist managers in hiring competent staff who support our mission and are trained to understand our expectations. Personnel Analyst Frances Trant tailored state-mandated sexual harassment and anti-discrimination training to fit CCHS' mission and created "Harassment Prevention Training" for employees.

The training focuses on education and helping employees understand that everyone is responsible for preventing harassment, Frances said. She created a more in-depth version for management staff, emphasizing supervisors' responsibility to stop and prevent harassment by educating employees and creating an environment that encourages everyone to learn about their colleagues' cultures. This helps staff work better together and also better serves our clients.

"It's part of making sure we have a culturally sensitive workplace. People need to take the time to understand other cultures and not assume they know already," Frances said.

Since the training was rolled out in April, more than 1,000 employees have gone through the course. Frances also helped develop and organize peerdelivered cultural sensitivity trainings for charge nurses and Nurse Program Managers from January to June at CCRMC. The charge nurses, who serve as shift supervisors, created and presented monthly workshops for staff to gain a better understanding of their co-workers' different cultures.

This in turn helps them work together and care for diverse patients more effectively, Frances said. Personnel also uses our Service Excellence award, which honors employees who demonstrate an extra effort, to encourage staff to be respectful and responsive to each other, said Personnel Analyst Dorette McCollumn.

"The idea is if we respect each other, that respect also will spill over into how we treat the people we serve," Dorette said.

For more information about Personnel's RHDI efforts, contact Frances Trant at or 925-947-5245.

RHDI Training Being Developed for Managers and Supervisors

Last summer, the California Endowment awarded CCHS a $125,000 grant to develop health disparity and diversity training for management staff. Our Reducing Health Disparities Education Committee, along with Initiative Leader José Martín, created a draft curriculum that has been refined with the help of two consultants.

CCHS Personnel Analyst Frances Trant and 15 other managers will eventually be conducting the training, after it is pilot tested starting this month with managers and supervisors from our Public Health and Health Plan divisions.

Using feedback from PH and CCHP, the curriculum will be modified and then tested again with managers from Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs Services and CCRMC and the health centers. The training focuses on health disparities, cross-cultural communication, linguistic access and creating an organizational climate that values diversity.

The goal is to have the final version of the training completed by June. Los Angeles County is developing disparities training for providers and San Francisco County is doing the same for community-based organizations. Once completed, all three trainings will be available to public health systems statewide.

For more information regarding this training, contact José Martín at or 925-957-5426.

Content provided by the Reducing Health Disparities Initiative.

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