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Division Directors Discuss RHD Activities

Hannah Head and Jose Martin discuss reducing health disparities at a Learning from Each Other session.

CCHS Director Dr. William Walker and Connie James, Manager, Reducing Health Disparities (RHD), have met with eight Division Directors and will meet with the others soon to discuss their RHD goals and unique focuses for this fiscal year. So far, each division had its own set of challenges but one was universal; deciding how to implement RHD plans with the current budget situation.

Although the directors acknowledged the challenge, they are committed to reducing health and health care disparities, and Dr. Walker reiterated his support for implementing RHD activities. He emphasized that RHD efforts are quality improvement efforts, and by improving our system's ability to provide language access, excellent service, collect and analyze data and respond to disparities, we are improving the health of all those we serve.

RHD staff will meet with each division's leadership and/or all staff to clarify goals for the fiscal year and will assist each division in formalizing its RHD plan. Later this year RHD staff will present a formal report to the Board of Supervisors on CCHS' RHD activities with photos, stories and data.

An Avenue for Sharing Open to All

The Learning from Each Other (LEO) forums, led by our Reducing Health Disparities (RHD) staff, continue to meet every other month to share successes, lessons learned and resources. Developing systems that support and promote access and respectful delivery of services is one of the four long-term goals in the RHD five-year plan. The 90-minute LEO forums create a platform for cross-divisional sharing of information and resources related to diversity and reducing health and health care disparities.

Past forums have discussed various communities and why and how we work with them. Senior staff, representatives from CCRMC and Health Centers, Contra Costa Health Plan, Public Health and Supervisor John Gioia's office have participated in the forums, which include an introduction, an overview of the topics, panel discussions and break out sessions to share and brainstorm ideas that address the challenges we face.

The May forum will be used to play selected segments of "Unnatural Causes" for CCHS staff.

Subsequent forums will discuss evaluating RHD programs, prevention strategies and best practices for measuring and responding to staff, patient, client satisfaction.

For more information, contact LEO Coordinator Dawna Vann at or 925-957-5436.

Content provided by the Reducing Health Disparities Initiative.

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