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CCRMC/HCs Form Workgroup to Address Health Disparities

CCRMC/HC Executive Director Jeff Smith, MD and (left to right) Work Group members Lindy Haagensen, Marcelle Indelicato, Concepcion Trevino James and Jeanne Walker-Johnson, RN. Missing are Cyndy Abram and Linda Bates

After more than a year of ongoing efforts to reduce health disparities, Contra Costa Regional Medical Center (CCRMC) and our nine health centers (HCs) have formed a formal workgroup to continue carrying out our Reducing Health Disparities Initiative (rhdi).

The workgroup will focus on raising awareness about rhdi, tracking and evaluating progress and looking for ways to improve cultural competence and linguistic access programs at our medical facilities, said workgroup chair Marcelle Indelicato, who works in CCRMC administration.

"We've done the groundwork. Now we'll take the next step in implementing these changes to continue improving access to health care at the Medical Center and Health Centers," Marcelle said. Some of the groundwork has been improving linguistic access at the hospital through interpretation and translation services for non-English speaking patients.

Staff have been educated about the availability of these services to make sure they are used when needed.

Staff also received training on cultural competence, and cultural awareness information and tips were included in CCRMC's newsletter, Safety and Infection Control Review. The workgroup also will develop a new pilot tool to conduct a cultural awareness needs assessment for staff at both the hospital and the health centers.

Workgroup members include: Marcelle Indelicato, CCRMC Adminstration; Lindy Haagensen, Staffing and Patient Care Coordinator; Concepcion Trevino James, manager of our Bay Point Family Health Center; Jeanne Walker-Johnson, RN, CCRMC Education and Training Specialist; Cyndy Abram, Director of Risk and Quality Management; and Linda Bates, Hospital and Health Center Recruiter. Jeff Smith, MD, executive director of CCRMC and the health centers, is proud of the RHDI work being done at the hospital and health centers.

"rhdi is an example of our commitment to better serve our community's diverse population," Smith said.

For more information on the CCRMC/Health Centers workgroup, contact Marcelle Indelicato at or 925-370-5108.

For more information about our RHDI, contact rhdi Leader José Martín at or 925-370-5055.

Lindy Haagensen (left) and Jeanne Walker-Johnson

Education Efforts Target Cultural Awareness and Linguistic Access

Two CCRMC/HC staff members have been working hard to educate employees about cultural competency and linguistic access as part of our Reducing Health Disparities Initiative (RHDI).

Focusing on cultural awareness training is Jeanne Walker-Johnson, RN, BSN, MA, CCRMC Education and Training Specialist.

Jeanne also chairs the rhdi Education Committee and is a member of the CCRMC/HC RHDI workgroup. Jeanne trains nursing and management staff in cultural and cross-cultural communication. She also worked closely with Financial Counseling Manager Wanda Session to create the recent customer service and cultural awareness training for our financial counselors, who screen clients for eligibility to be cared for at our health centers and help clients enroll in appropriate health insurance coverage programs.

Lindy Haagensen, CCRMC Staffing and Patient Care Coordinator, recently finished teaching charge nurses how to use all of our interpretation services for non-English speaking patients.

Lindy, who is a member of our departmentwide RHDI Education and Linguistic access committees, trains hospital staff, including doctors, on how to use and access these services, such as our telephone interpretation service, CyraCom International, and our bilingual interpreters.

Both Lindy and Jeanne agreed the trainings have been well-received by staff. "The training really benefits both our staff and patients," Jeanne said.

Content provided by the Reducing Health Disparities Initiative.

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