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Cutting Edge Training for CCHP

From left, Tracy Jones, Patricia Tanquary, Otilia Tiutin and Wendy Mailer worked on conducting Cultural Humility training at CCHP.

This fall, Contra Costa Health Plan (CCHP) employees, under the leadership of Patricia Tanquary, Chief Executive Officer, will participate in cutting-edge Cultural Humility training designed to give staff a better understanding of the increasingly diverse populations of Contra Costa County. The training is an innovative course based on the latest research on diverse populations and their problems in relating to health care providers, and it features real video case studies. In addition to web-based training, the training will include classes using role-play led by Wendy Mailer, Tracy Jones and Otilia Tiutin and a panel of speakers including CCHS Director Dr. William Walker, RHD Co-Leader Jose Martin, Personnel Analyst Fran Trant and Chuck McKetney, Manager of our Community Health Assessment, Planning and Evaluation Unit.

The Cultural Humility training is the latest component in CCHP's commitment to reducing health disparities and educating staff about the diversity in cultures and belief systems around them. In 2006, more than 120 CCHP employees were trained in Culturally Competent Customer Service, a curriculum developed by Jeanne Walker Johnson, Education/Training Specialist at CCRMC, and facilitated by Mailer, Jones and Tiutin. Staff gave that effort a 93% favorable evaluation. CCHP's Staff Satisfaction and Retention Committee also highlights different cultures and observances monthly on a bulletin board that all staff and the public can view.

Dr. Walker to meet with Divisions

Several weeks ago, CCHS Director Dr. William Walker met with Contra Costa Health Plan staff to talk about our commitment to reducing health disparities. This meeting was the first of a series of meetings Dr. Walker plans to have with each division to roll out the "Overview of the Five-Year Plan for Reducing Health and Health Care Disparities 2007 - 2012" and the "Year-One Plan 2007 - 08." Key to the effort is a focus on Divisions developing their own unique strategies. To arrange a briefing with Dr. Walker, call Michele Garbers at 925-957-5410 or email

For more information, contact Otilia Tiutin at 313-6063.

High Marks for Diversity

The Board of Supervisors recognized us last month as one of only two county departments (the other was Employment and Human Services) that met or exceeded the goal of racial/ethnic diversity and representation of women in its workforce composition.

Diversity of staff at service and management levels is an important outcome in our Five-Year RHD plan (326k PDF, 8pp.).

Content provided by the Reducing Health Disparities Initiative.

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