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Black Infant Health

The goal of the BIH Program is to improve African-American infant and maternal health in California and to decrease Black: White health disparities for women and infants. The revised BIH Program is an intensive intervention that uses a group-based approach with complementary client-centered case management to help women develop life skills, learn strategies for reducing stress, and build social support in the context of a life-course perspective. BIH participants attend weekly group sessions (10 prenatal and 10 postpartum) designed to help them access their own strengths and set health promoting goals for themselves and their babies.

Who is Eligible for BIH?

  • African American Women
  • Age 18 or older
  • 26 weeks or less gestation of pregnancy
  • East and West Contra Costa County residents

What Services Does BIH Provide?

Program services are provided by Family Health Advocates, a Medical Social Worker, and a Public Health Nurse, and include:

  • Support groups and health education,
  • Assistance in applying for Medi-Cal, TANF, WIC and other services,
  • Development of individualized plans for each client to receive perinatal and postpartum care, pediatric services for their children, and access to mental health, housing, and employment services
  • Enhancement of families' concrete support by providing linkages to community, health, and social service resources,
  • Assistance to alleviate transportation barriers in attending prenatal, WIC, and pediatric appointments,
  • Financial Empowerment Sessions,
  • Assistance, childcare support, and incentives for active participants in the program,
  • Client tracking and follow-up to assure timely prenatal care,
  • Networking and public education to accomplish individual and community change,
  • Transportation support, and
  • Child watch services during prenatal and postpartum groups.

How Can a Woman Access BIH Services?

Please call 925-313-6254 or ask your prenatal care provider for a referral to the BIH program.

Contact Information

Natalie Berbick
BIH Coordinator

Mariana Dailey
Senior Health Education Specialist/Community Liaison

Loretta Calloway
Medical Social Worker

Riza Wilford
Public Health Nurse

Contact Black Infant Health

Administrative Office
597 Center Avenue, Suite 365
Martinez, CA 94553 [Map & Directions]