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Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies come in many forms every day. Disasters also occur although not as frequently. In either case large numbers of sick and injured people requiring medical care can rapidly overwhelm local and regional healthcare systems. This is known as "medical surge."

During medical surge, the healthcare system expands with more personnel, equipment, and beds to be able to care for these patients. Responding to and managing such surges require the close coordination of many emergency responders, healthcare entities, government agencies and community organizations.

This concept of medical surge forms the cornerstone of medical and health disaster preparedness efforts. We work with our healthcare partners to coordinate healthcare preparedness, response and recovery in Contra Costa County during disasters and other states of emergency. We also work with our neighboring counties to make sure that we respond as one under extreme conditions.

Contra Costa County Medical Health Forum
 Many Partners, One Response

The Contra Costa County Medical Health Preparedness Forum is a voluntary, collaborative network of healthcare organizations and individuals that provide or support healthcare services in the County. The Forum meets regularly to share information, coordinate planning and response activities, and build resiliency. Membership on the Forum includes, but is not explicitly limited to hospitals, public and private medical or health services, emergency preparedness agencies, emergency services and governmental bodies with an interest in the provision of healthcare.


All Partners
Long Term Care
Specialty Providers
Response Links
  • All Healthcare Response Partners

    Exercises, Training Opportunities, Seminars and Workshops open to all healthcare partners.
    For information contact EMS at 925-646-4690
    Monthly ReddiNet Triage & Tracking Exercise (5th & 19th of each month)
    Monthly Medical Reserve Corps Training
    Yearly Functional Statewide Medical Health Exercise (November)
    Yearly Tabletop Statewide Medical Health Exercise (October)
    Dec 14, 2016 Neonatal Surge Drill
    Sept. 14, 2016 Neonatal Surge Drill
    June 8, 2016 Neonatal Surge Drill
    March 9, 2016 Neonatal Surge Drill
    Dec. 9, 2015 Neonatal Surge Drill
    Sept. 9, 2015 Neonatal Surge Drill
    June 10, 2015 Neonatal Surge Drill
    June 2015 Disaster Planning for Pediatrics Workshop
    May 19, 2015 Crisis Standards of Care Workshop
    April 6-7, 2015 ORMAC Training
    April 1, 2015 Evacuation Exercise for Skilled Nursing Facilities
    March, 11, 2015 Neonatal Surge Drill
    March 6, 2015 OB TRAIN Seminar
  • Clinics

    Community Clinics, County Healthcare Centers and other outpatient facilities provide needed services on a daily basis and serve critical response and recovery roles during health emergencies and disasters.

    • CCHS Contra Costa Health Services Health Centers
    •  Community Clinic Consortium of Contra Costa & Solano Counties
    •  La Clinica De La Raza
    • LifeLong Brookside
    •  Planned Parenthood

    Clinic, Health Center and other outpatient facility specific exercises, training opportunities, seminars, and workshops.
    For information contact EMS at 925-646-4690
  • Hospitals

    Contra Costa County is served by eight hospitals that work together during emergencies and disasters:

    • Contra Costa Regional Medical Center, Martinez
    • John Muir Health at Concord & Walnut Creek
    • Kaiser Foundation Hospitals at Antioch, Richmond & Walnut Creek
    • Sutter Delta Medical Center, Antioch
    • San Ramon Regional Medical Center, San Ramon

    Children's Hospital and Research Center, Oakland (Although the hospital is located outside of Contra Costa County, Childrens' Hospital provides regional pediatric specialty care during disasters)

    East Bay Mutual Aid Agreement (February 2013)

    Hospital specific exercises, training opportunities, seminars, and workshops.
    For information contact EMS at 925-646-4690
  • Long Term Care

    There are many long term care facilities in Contra Costa County that provide medical and non-medical care to people who have chronic illnesses or disabilities such as Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs), Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs), and Congregate Living Health Facilities (CLHFs). During disasters SNFs provide a secondary means to assist the hospitals and healthcare system in managing and absorbing large numbers of "surge" patients.

    Stonebrook Healthcare Center, Lone Tree Convalescent Hospital, and Antioch Convalescent Hospital are a few of the approximately 30 SNFs that participate in Contra Costa's medical and health disaster preparedness efforts.

    For Information on specific exercises, training opportunities, seminars, and workshops for Long Term Care facilities contact EMS 925-646-4690
  • Specialty Providers

    Specialty providers care for those individuals who have complex medical conditions or require unique medical skills. During and after disasters these specialty providers can use their capabilities and talents to assist the medical health system in managing medical surge.

    • DaVita, Inc (Dialysis)

    Specialty provider specific exercises, training opportunities, seminars, and workshops
  • Response Links

    • Training Registration
    • Situation Status Report and Resource Request Forms

      In the event of emergency or disaster, Emergency Medical Staff will work with the health care facilities in Contra Costa county to ensure our health care system can provide services to the community. This section includes the forms health care facilities will need to submit during an emergency or disaster.

      For use by hospitals, community clinics, dialysis centers and long-term care facilities.

    • ReddiNet

      ReddiNet is a dedicated emergency medical communications network. It facilitates information exchange among hospitals, EMS agencies, fire dispatch centers, law enforcement, public health officials and other health care systems professionals in local and regional communities.

      ReddiNet Log-in

      For ReddiNet 24-Hour Technical Support call 1-800-440-7808.

    • ALARMS (Asset Logistics and Resource Management System)

      Contra Costa EMS, in collaboration with Ecology & Environment, Inc, has developed a customized web-based asset-tracking database called Contra Costa ALARMS (Asset Logistics and Resource Management System). ALARMS facilitates searching and tracking the preparedness inventory (including equipment, supplies, plans and other documents) held at health care facilities in Contra Costa County during emergencies.

      Contra Costa ALARMS users include medical centers, clinics, ambulance providers, Contra Costa Emergency Medical Services, local law enforcement and fire service agencies.

      ALARMS User Log-in

    • CAHAN (California Health Alert Network)

      The California Health Alert Network (CAHAN) is the State of California's web-based information and communications system available on a 24/7/365 basis for distribution of health alerts, dissemination of public guidelines, coordination of disease investigation efforts, preparedness planning and other initiatives that strengthen state and local preparedness. CAHAN participants have the ability to receive alerts and notifications via alphanumeric pager, e-mal, fax and phone (cellular & landline).

      CAHAN links critical health and emergency response partners together to provide:

      • Rapid and secure communications system among state and local agencies, health care providers, emergency management officials and other emergency response partners.
      • Dissemination of announcements from local, state or federal public health authorities to inform health and medical service personnel of likely or imminent dangers to the health of their community.
      • Secure collaborative environment to develop and share information for emergency preparedness planning and response.

      CAHAN User Log-in

    • DHV (California Disaster Healthcare Volunteers)

      California Disaster Healthcare Volunteers is California's initiative to pre-register, manage and mobilize healthcare professionals to volunteer and help in responding to all types of disasters.

      The system is part of a nation-wide effort to make sure that volunteer professionals can be quickly identified and their credentials checked so that they can be properly utilized in response to disaster.

      DHV User Log-in