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Welcome to EMS Policies.

What's New? (PDF) The latest policy updates

Complete Policy Manual (PDF)

Review and Approval Document (PDF)

Table of Contents (PDF)

Policy 1 - EMT-1 Certification (PDF)

Policy 2 - Paramedic Accreditation (PDF)

Policy 3 - MICN Authorization and Re-Authorization (PDF)

Policy 4 - Fee Structure (PDF)

Policy 5 - Prehospital Credential Review Process (PDF)

Policy 6 - Prehospital Continuing Education Provider (PDF)

Policy 7 - County Paramedic Evaluator (PDF)

Policy 8 - EMS Quality Improvement Program (EQIP) (PDF)

Policy 9 - Patient Destination Determination (PDF)

Policy 10 - Declining Emergency Medical Care And/Or Transport (PDF)

Policy 11 - Base Hospital Communications/Disrupted Communications (PDF)

Policy 12 - EMS System Medical Direction and Oversight (PDF)

Policy 13 - Triage of Trauma Patients (PDF)

Policy 14 - Transfers to Trauma Centers (PDF)

Policy 15 - Hospital Guidelines for Acute Care Interfacility Transfers Via Ambulance (PDF)

Policy 16 - Transfer of Care In The Field (PDF)

Policy 17 - EMT/Paramedic or Non-Transport ALS Programs (PDF)

Policy 18 - Public Safety/EMT AED Programs (PDF)

Policy 19 - Determination Of Death In The Prehospital Setting (PDF)

Policy 20 - Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders and Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) in the Prehospital Setting (PDF)

Policy 21 - Physician On Scene (PDF)

Policy 22 - Infectious Disease Precautions and Exposure Management for EMS Personnel (PDF)
 - Notification of Possible Communicable Disease Exposure Form EMS-6 (PDF)

Policy 23 - Abuse/Assault Reporting (PDF)

Policy 24 - Hospital CT / STEMI - Cardiac Lab and Internal Disaster Diversion (PDF)

Policy 25 - STEMI Triage and Destination (PDF)

Policy 26 - EMS STEMI Receiving Center Designation (PDF)

Policy 27 - Prehospital Patient Care Record (PCR) (PDF)

Policy 28 - policy suspended

Policy 29 - Base Hospital Designation (PDF)

Policy 30 - Patient Restraint (PDF)

Policy 31 - Prehospital Management of Pre-Existing Patient Medical Devices/Equipment: Intravenous Lines and Other (PDF)

Policy 32 - EMS Event Reporting (PDF)

Policy 33A - EMS Aircraft Policies And Procedures - Classification (PDF)

Policy 33B - EMS Aircraft Policies And Procedures - Authorization (PDF)

Policy 33C - EMS Aircraft Policies And Procedures - Request, Transport Criteria, And Field Operations (PDF)

Policy 34 - Search For Donor Card (PDF)

Policy 35 - Safely Surrendered Baby Program (PDF)

Policy 36 - EMS Response to Hazardous Materials Incidents (PDF)

Policy 37 - Stroke Triage And Destination (PDF)

Policy 38 - EMS Primary Stroke Center Designation (PDF)

Policy 39 - 9-1-1 Activation Criteria for Nonemergency Transport Providers (PDF)