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Emergency Ambulance Service Contract Monitoring - AMR

Emergency Ambulance Service Contracts

Ambulance Rates

The new allowable patient charges effective October 15, 2014 replace those shown in Exhibit G of the Emergency Ambulance Agreement are as follows:

BLS Emergency Base Rate $813.29
ALS 1 Emergency Base Rate $1,957.19
Loaded Ambulance Mileage Rate $45.00/mile
Oxygen Administered $175.00

Ambulance Transport Billing (AMR)

Monthly Compliance Summary

These documents contain all the requirements of the contract in a table with an indication of compliance status and comments from AMR and/or EMS staff.

Monthly Compliance Numbers

These documents contain numbers of calls and compliance percentages for each zone for Priority 1 (lights and sirens) and Priority 3 (no lights/sirens) calls.