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Ambulance Rates

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American Medical Response

The new allowable patient charges effective July 1, 2013 replace those shown in Exhibit G of the Emergency Ambulance Agreement are as follows:

BLS Emergency Base Rate $813.29
ALS 1 Emergency Base Rate $1,821.84
Loaded Ambulance Mile Rate $25.29

Ambulance Transport Billing (AMR)

San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District

The new patient charges effective January 1, 2014, which replace those shown in Exhibit C of the Ambulance Service Agreement, are as follows:

BLS Base Rate $1,034.00
ALS Base Rate $1,461.00
ALS 2 Base Rate $1,548.00
Mileage charge (per mile) $28.80
Oxygen administered $103.00
First Responder assessment without transport $450.00

Moraga-Orinda Fire District

BLSE 1 $1016.95
ALS 1 $1451.45
ALS 2 $1671.45
Mileage charge (per mile) $26.40
Basic Assessment at Scene $121.00
BLSM — Basic Medical Aid $154.00
ALSM — Advanced Medical Aid $348.15