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Land Use Program

The Land Use Program plays a variety of roles protecting public health and the environment:

  • Septic Tanks: Improperly designed or poorly constructed septic systems can contaminate groundwater. The Land Use Program reviews and inspects design plans for septic tanks to prevent such accidents from happening. Program staff also conduct ongoing monitoring of certain types of septic systems more prone to problems. We also review applications for building permits on lots served by septic systems.
  • Wells: The Land Use Program reviews plans for well designs, issues construction permits and conducts inspections during the drilling to make sure wells will be installed or destroyed in a way that doesn’t contaminate the county’s groundwater.
  • Rezone, Use Permit and Land Division Applications: The Land Use Program reviews these applications for public health considerations in unincorporated parts of Contra Costa. Of primary concern is the long-term sanitary disposal of wastewater and provision for a safe and reliable water supply.

A variety of forms and applications are available for you below for your convenience. If you have any further questions, call us at 925-692-2500 or send us an email.


General Information And Handouts


Onsite Wastewater Treatment System

Moratorium Areas and Watershed Areas

Environmental and Geotechnical Wells and Soil Borings

Pumper Trucks

Laws and Regulations

Onsite Wastewater Disposal System and Pumper Trucks

Water Wells


Environmental and Geotechnical Wells and Soil Borings

Onsite Wastewater Treatment System

Pumper Trucks

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question involving this program, please check our Land Use FAQs section.

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