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Doctors Medical Center San Pablo

Impacts of Potential Downgrade or Closure of Hospital Emergency Services at Doctors Medical Center

Update June 18, 2014

The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors adopted on June 17 a resolution approving the transfer of up to $6 million of funds from the County to the West Contra Costa County Healthcare District to be paid back in installments by the year 2020/2021. This funding will allow for Doctors Medical Center San Pablo to remain temporarily open beyond July while efforts continue to find a solution for preserving emergency services in the area, including the possible development of a freestanding Emergency Department. In exchange for this funding, the District will authorize a reallocation to the County of District ad valorem property tax revenues in the amount of $8.2 million.

Contra Costa Health Services' Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division held a public hearing June 9 on the impacts of the potential downgrade or closure of hospital emergency services at Doctors Medical Center San Pablo. The public comment gathered at this meeting is included in a report that Contra Costa EMS submitted to the state Health and Human Services Agency on June 13, 2014. A video of the June 9 public hearing is being shown on Contra Costa Television. See this link for times.
» Watch the public hearing video online.

Doctors Medical Center notified CCHS on June 9 that the hospital was withdrawing its notice of potential closure in light of a newly formed regional Stakeholder Group that will explore options for a sustainable solution to preserving emergency medical services in West Contra Costa County. Contra Costa EMS is still required to submit the impact report because the potential for loss of hospital emergency services still remains.

As the local Emergency Services Authority for the county, Contra Costa EMS is required by state law to hold a public hearing on proposed downgrades or closures of a facility that provides emergency medical services. Doctors Medical Center in San Pablo originally notified Contra Costa Health Services (CCHS) in April of its intention to close pending the outcome of a proposed tax measure on the ballot in May that would have provided funding for the hospital. Doctors Medical Center has since announced that its Board of Directors will not proceed with a vote to close DMC at this time because of the new Stakeholder Group. The Stakeholder Group includes representatives from Doctors Medical Center, the West Contra Costa Healthcare District, CCHS, Contra Costa County government, the Hospital Council of Northern California, and area hospitals.