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Breaking News

Flaring at Chevron in Richmond

Last updated: 10 p.m. Thursday, December 18, 2014

The flaring has currently stopped at Chevron in Richmond but there may be intermittent flaring this evening. Flaring is a controlled burn off of gas. Our Hazardous Materials staff assessed the situation and determined a shelter-in-place was not needed.

Patient Education

There are resources available to manage your health and any health conditions you have. Please see the list of Contra Costa Regional Medical Center and Health Centers' Patient Education Services which includes the languages and locations of the appointments as well as the topics covered. These services can be accessed either through provider referral or by calling the appointment unit at 1-800-495-8885. If you encounter any problems accessing these services please email

The second link under the services list will direct you to Education Handouts printable in English and Spanish on any health topic of your concern.