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Health Advisory Lifted for Pittsburg and Antioch

Last updated: 5:39 a.m. Friday, March 27, 2015

The health advisory for Pittsburg and Antioch has been lifted. The advisory was issued for people with respiratory sensitivities this morning after a chemical release at Dow Chemical in Pittsburg. Contra Costa HazMat staff are investigating the incident. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Where to get Bed Bugs Identified in Contra Costa County

If you believe you have bed bugs and you have a sample that you would like identified, bring or mail it (see below for how to safely transport or mail the sample) to the following locations:

  • Contra Costa County Vector Control
    155 Mason Circle
    Concord, CA 94520-4807
    Monday – Friday 8am–5pm
  • Contra Costa County Department of Agriculture / Weights and Measures
    2366 A Stanwell Circle
    Concord, CA 94520
    Monday – Friday 8am–5pm
  • Contra Costa County Master Gardeners
    75 Santa Barbara Rd., 2nd Floor
    Pleasant Hill, CA 94523-4215
    Monday – Thursday 9am-12 noon

DO NOT mail or transport live bed bugs because that will spread an infestation!

There are several ways to prepare your sample for transport.

  • Pick up the bug using scotch tape and then tape it to a piece of paper.
  • Saturate a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol, pick up the insect with the cotton ball and place it in a plastic bag. Seal the bag.
  • Pick up the bug with a pair of tweezers and drop it into a small container that has a tight-fitting, screw-on lid with a rubber gasket. Cover the specimen(s) with rubbing alcohol and screw the lid on tightly.

If you mail your sample, pack it in a box. Do not mail your sample in an envelope because your container may break. If you have put the bugs in a plastic bag or taped them to paper, they may get crushed in the mail. It is very hard to identify a crushed bug.