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HIV/AIDS Program

The AIDS Program is dedicated to fostering the development, implementation, and coordination of programs to:

  • Reduce the transmission of HIV
  • Provide comprehensive services for people with HIV
  • Enhance community awareness of AIDS to increase understanding and compassionate response

We are committed to the development of accessible services which incorporate current knowledge of the AIDS epidemic, which are culturally and linguistically appropriate, and which meet the needs of those who are most vulnerable to negative health outcomes.

The AIDS Program offers care & support services for people with HIV/AIDS and education & prevention services for those at risk for HIV. We also offer HIV testing services via a mobile van at scheduled locations in the community.

A variety of care services are available for people with HIV or AIDS. In addition to nurse case management services for eligible individuals, we coordinate and offer referrals to a network of support services including: access to clinic-based social workers and HIV early intervention services; certification for enrollment in the AIDS Drug Assistance Program; referrals to community-based services, including: medical case management; mental health and substance abuse services; help with accessing housing services; non-criminal legal services; and other practical support such as food and transportation assistance, and other emergency assistance. Anonymous partner notification services as well as enhanced risk reduction services for HIV positive individuals are also available.

The AIDS Program also coordinates a network of HIV prevention services geared to help HIV-negative individuals remain negative. These services include targeted prevention outreach services, one-to-one prevention case management services, support groups and workshops, and access to HIV testing. Services are designed to support individuals in making healthy choices to reduce the risk for transmission of HIV.

Some services coordinated by the program are provided by community-based organizations.



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