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Active & Healthy Families

A Pediatric Overweight Group Appointments Program

What is Active & Healthy Families?

Active & Healthy Families (AHF) is a family-based medical group appointment program of Contra Costa County Public Health Clinic Services located in Contra Costa County, California. The program consists of five-2 hour sessions every other week for 10 weeks, which teaches healthy eating and exercise habits. A key feature of the AHF program is the delivery of its sessions by a provider TRIAD consisting of a Physician/Nurse Practitioner, a Nutritionist and a Community Health Worker.

Other important features of the AHF program include:

  • Culturally tailored curriculum
  • Engages children and families
  • 5-biweekly group medical appointments
  • Interactive learning and individual action plans in each appointment

The program is open to children age 5-12 years with BMI of 85 percentile and above. A parent is required to attend each session with the child.

Goal of the AHF Program

The AHF program is designed as first level of family education and support regarding obesity prevention and lifestyle modifications. The following topics are covered in the five-2 hour sessions: definition and consequences of overweight and obesity, sugar sweetened beverages, parenting, nutrition labels, breakfast, healthier snacks, fast foods, appropriate portion sizes, meal planning, screen time, physical activity, emotional eating and stress due to immigration. Action Plans and Pedometer Tracking forms are the primary tools used in the initiation and implementation of healthier habits.

Familias Activas Y Saludables

Familias Activas y Saludables (FAS), the AHF program currently featured in this site is designed for Latino families and is delivered in Spanish. This program was evaluated by the University of California in Berkeley in the fall of 2012 and spring of 2013. Results of the study provided evidence on the efficaciousness of the program in reducing child BMI over a period of 10 weeks.

The AHF program culturally tailored for African American families just completed the pilot phase and will be available for implementation in the fall of 2014.

The AHF program for the English-speaking multicultural families will be piloted in the spring of 2015.

Background Information of FAS

Latinos have the highest prevalence of obesity in Contra Costa County for youth age 2-19 years (PedNSS, 2010). Many Latinos face barriers to maintaining good health, such as limited access to health insurance, language, culture and immigration. In response to the need and the barriers facing the Latinos, FAS is culturally and linguistically-tailored for the Latino families. This model is currently available in the following federally qualified health clinics (FQHCs) in different areas of Contra Costa County:

  • Meadow Homes Elementary School-Based Clinic in Concord, California
  • Parkside Elementary School-Based Clinic in Pittsburg, California
  • Marsh Elementary School-Based Clinic in Antioch, California